General Information – Basic Seminars


Each 2-day seminar begins at 8:30 a.m. and ends at 5 p.m. Certificates are only provided to participants who complete the entire 2-day training. The certificates will be available online for printing to eligible participants after the completion of the seminar.

Who Should Attend

The seminars are designed for people responsible for the financial administration of formula and/or discretionary grants and cooperative agreements awarded from Federal grant-in-aid programs administered by DOJ and OJP Bureaus and Offices.

Who Can Attend

Basic Seminar attendance is open to those who have not attended a live seminar in the past 3 calendar years. All registrations are reviewed against this criterion and individually approved. Notices indicating full approval to attend a seminar are emailed to registrants approximately 3 weeks after registration. Due to limited capacity, only two members from an organization can attend in a calendar year.

Basic Seminar Curriculum

Seminars cover the formula/discretionary grants and cooperative agreements awarded by DOJ OJP program offices. Knowledgeable and experienced Office of the Chief Financial Officer officials introduce seminar topics, serve as primary seminar presenters, and facilitate seminar discussion. Topics to be covered include the following:

In addition, the seminar includes review of Federal regulations and requirements governing the recording and expenditure of program income, procurement, lobbying, compliance with drug-free workplace requirements, supplanting, and audits. For more information, please see the agenda page.


There is no registration fee for the seminars. Seminar attendees are responsible for all costs associated with their participation, including transportation, lodging, and meals.

Seminar Facilities

The financial management training will take place at the OJP office in Washington, DC or other designated site. Seminar participants must be able to provide photo identification to access each training (government-issued identification is recommended). The facility requires participants to undergo a personal inspection prior to accessing the seminar, and personal belongings are inspected and passed through an X-ray machine.

Facility personnel are provided with a list of approved participants in advance of the first day of the seminar. Only pre-approved participants whose names appear on the registration list are permitted to attend the meeting. No onsite registration or walk-ins are allowed.

Seminar Attire

Participants are invited to dress in business casual attire.

Logistics and Hotel Accommodations

The logistics and hotel page on this website suggests several lodging options that are near to the seminar facility. DOJ has not pre-arranged a block of sleeping rooms for attendees; it is the responsibility of each attendee to find lodging.

Attendees presenting government identification may be exempt from some taxes; check with the hotel when you make your reservation. Attendees traveling on grant funds are required to book lodging at or below the Government lodging per diem rate for Washington, DC. Please note that hotels in the Washington, DC area can fill up quickly, and so we recommend making reservations as soon as possible after final attendance confirmation.


Participants are responsible for arranging their own transportation. As noted on the logistics page, the DOJ training venue is within easy walking distance of a Washington Metro (subway) station.


Attendance for each seminar is limited, so register early. First-time attendees will be given priority. To ensure the training is available to as many participants as possible, please attend the training no more frequently than once every 3 years. Each person planning to attend the seminar must register.


There are always more grantees interested in attending these seminars than in the number of seminar spaces available. If you have been approved to attend a seminar and then find you are unable to attend, please email the seminar registrar at as soon as possible to enable a colleague to attend. We maintain a waitlist for each seminar, but we need to notify these pre-approved individuals of the opening in time to allow them to make travel arrangements. Please note that we keep track of grantees who do not cancel in advance and are no-shows to the training seminar. This can have an impact on future seminar participation.