Basic Seminar Registration

Upcoming seminar registration dates will be announced in an email notification to all OJP grantees a few days before each registration opens.

Seminar Location and Dates
Dates To be announced
Time To be announced
Location DOJ OJP
810 7th Street, NW
3rd Floor 
Washington, DC 20531

Registration Information

Troubleshooting tip: When Registration opens, you may have to clear your browser cache then close and reopen your browser to see the registration link.

Participant space is limited, making it important to register promptly. Please note that each registrant undergoes an approval process and that registering does not guarantee a spot in the seminar. A notification of your attendance status will be emailed to you once your registration has been reviewed. First-time attendees are given priority to attend. To ensure the training is available to as many current award recipients as possible, please register for the training no more than once every three years. Due to limited capacity, only two members from an organization can attend in a calendar year.